Sherwood Blizzard Regulator

Brand: Sherwood
MPN: Sherwood Blizzard Regulator SRB7900
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Blizzard Regulator (A Clamp)



The Blizzard is the ideal cold water diving regulator. To develop the Blizzard Sherwood worked closely with safety services personnel that have to depend on their gear to perform in extremely demanding conditions. A time- proven product, the Blizzard has become the top choice of cold-water divers worldwide. the Blizzard features: Sherwood’s unique high performance dry first stage.


Dry chamber keeps moisture and potential icing out of spring chamber.

Surface-treated bimetal fins and heat sink capture body heat from your exhaled breath and use it to warm operating parts.

This feature, along with special surface treatments to other parts, act against ice formation to keep the regulator performing as water temperatures drop.

Two high-performance primary ports to support primary and alternate air source.

Sherwood’s exclusive bubble deflector exhaust tee reduces bubble size and directs them away from your field of vision.

A Wisdom mouthpiece reduces the bite pressure to hold the regulator, further reducing jaw fatigue.