Seac Sub Diamond Ice + Octo - A Clamp

Product Code: ART 8200-OCTO
Brand: Seac Sub
MPN: Art 8200-Octo
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Seac sub Diamond Ice Regulator + Octo Set

Use: regulator particularly suitable for cold water diving

Antifreeze system: New "Dry System" Antifreeze integrated into the first stage with separating membrane in antifreeze 60 sh Silicone

1st stage
Operation system: balanced membrane
Material: molded brass monobloc
Plating treatment: 25 micron thick chrome plated
Weight: INT version 980 gr., 230 BAR DIN version 750 gr., 300 BAR DIN version 780 gr.
HP ports: 2
LP ports: 4, two of which inclined by 30 degrees to assist the correct hose positioning

2nd stage
Operation system: Balanced second stage with compensating piston. Venturi effect, DIVE / PRE DIVE system
Materials: glass loaded Nylon, stainless steel, chrome plated brass
Hose length: 770 mm.

SEAC SUB Diamond Octopus

similarly to the rest of Seac octopus, is in conformity to the CE Norms which cover the section concerning personal protection devices. The same have been conceived as an alternative individual breathing source for a personal use in case of emergency.

Seac Sub Diamond Ice octopus