Oceanic GT3 - CDX5

Product Code: CDX5 1st Stage with GT3 2nd Stage Regulator 40-3410-07
Brand: Oceanic
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CDx5 with GT3 second stage



The CDx5 Balanced Diaphragm First Stage

- boasts the same high performance found in all Oceanic regulators. It is the perfect regulator for extreme diving conditions, such as ice diving or diving in high sediment. With its rubberised exterior end cap, the CDX5 is protected from possible damage during and between dives. The balanced diaphragm first stage design has been the regulator of choice for many divers who find themselves pushing the envelope. The advanced design of the CDX5 Balanced Diaphragm First Stage isolates the critical seats and o-rings from the harsh environment. This helps prevent internal corrosion and contaminant buildup, leading to more consistent performance between service intervals.

GT3 2nd Stage Regulator


Set it and forget it. The last thing you need to worry about on the dive is your breathing system. The GT 3 puts you in total control with its patented Dynamic Adjustment feature. Whether you're snorkeling to your dive site or working a current on your favorite deep wreck, you can quickly adjust the GT 3to behave precisely the way you want, then let it do the work as it automatically readjusts with changes in depth. 


·      Diver adjustable inhalation effort

·      Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive

·      Paired with our popular CDX-5 Compact Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage with Enviro Kit