Oceanic DX4 1st Stage with Delta 4 2nd Stage

Product Code: OCEANIC DX4 1ST STAGE WITH DELTA 4 2ND STAGE 40-7370-23
Brand: Oceanic
MPN: Oceanic DX4 1st Stage with Delta 4 2nd Stage 40-7370-23
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DX4  1st Stage Regulator (A Clamp)

The new DX4 Balanced Diaphragm boasts the same high performance found in all Oceanic regulators. It is the perfect regulator for extreme diving conditions, such as ice diving or diving in high sediment. With its new rubberized details, the DX4 is protected from possible damage during and between dives. The "Venturi-Assist" on the primary low pressure port boosts the air flow to the second stage, making the DX4 breathe effortlessly in any situation. The Balanced Diaphragm first stage design has been the regulator of choice for many divers who find themselves in extreme diving conditions. With the included environmental kit, the advanced design of the DX4 Balanced Diaphragm First Stage isolates the critical seats and o-rings from the harsh environment. This helps prevent internal corrosion and contaminant buildup, leading to more consistent performance between service intervals

The DX4 1st stage is also available in a DIN fitting


DELTA 4 2nd Stage Regulator

Even with the best laid dive plans, there are times you encounter conditions beyond your control. The Delta 4 is one hot new regulator ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features, improved styling.

2005 ScubaLab Tester's Choice
"Hooked up to the breathing simulator, the Delta 4 delivered Very Good to Excellent performance in all the RMV/depth categories, earning the highest simulator scores of all the regs in it's price group.  In ocean tests, the reg was also a champion, collecting the highest total ergo score in its price group. In particular, divers liked the swivel and the mouthpiece, and felt both the adjustment knob and dive/pre-dive switch were easy to use, even when wearing gloves."