Fly Fishing

We are pleased to announce we are now taking 2017 - 2018 member applications to join the

Eight Acre Fly Anglers Section

Initially, access will be for members only with no day ticket availability. Only fly with single barbless hooks are permitted – no bait fishing / ground baiting or flicker spoons. Fishing only during the hours of daylight - 7 days per week. There will be no wading due to the steepness of the banks.

Stocking the lake will take place in the months of April, June and August subject to revision.

There is a café and toilet block which is available during open hours currently 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with refreshments available.

The first year subscription will be £250 with no joining fee. There is a £10 non refundable deposit to pay with application which does not guarantee acceptance.

click here for Fishery Rules

Email for an application form.

Fishing Application.pdf