Eight Acre Lake - Fishery Rules

All persons visiting the fishery do so at their own risk. The owners of Eight Acre Lake accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property, howsoever caused.

Anglers must possess a current ‘Environment Agency Rod Licence’ as well as a permit to fish these waters. Liability insurance should be in place through the Countryside Alliance or similar.

The catch return sheet must be filled in with your name and permit number BEFORE fishing can commence. Details of all fish caught, including those returned, must be entered at the end of the day. This includes nil returns.

In water, the banks are very steep therefore wading is NOT allowed.

A maximum of 3 rods per angler - only one rod to be used at any time. No pegging of rods/reels to the bank at any time.

Fishing is by fly only, using generally accepted tackle and techniques. Only one fly larger than a standard size 10 to be attached to the leader. Three flies size 10 or smaller may be used, maximum three flies to the cast.

Only flies dressed on single point hooks are permitted. These must be barbless (conventional hooks with barbs properly removed are acceptable). Double, treble, multi-hook flies, flicker spoons and propellers are not allowed. Buoyant patterns such as boobys and floating fry fished on sinking lines are permitted for fish that are to be kept - they are not allowed for catch and release.

No monofilament line of more than 10lb breaking strain shall be used. Line must not be discarded. It is dangerous to wildlife and other users of the lake as well as unsightly. Please take it home with you.

All fish caught must be landed with a landing net, those fish to be kept must be dispatched quickly. No gaffs or keep nets are permitted. Fish to be returned should be handled gently (preferably while still in the water). Any fish, which shows signs of bleeding, stress or illness, must be KILLED and counted as part of the limit.

Size & Limit. Takeable size is 11" from nose to fork of tail. The limit to be reviewed anually. (Currently 2 fish may be killed at any one visit with a season maximum of 16 fish)

Anglers are expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times. Divers and swimmers must be given right of way, with grace, as they cannot see fishing line. In addition anglers should use the south bank stages during times when divers and swimmers are present. Users of the Lake must not deposit litter, feed wildlife (this could be misinterpreted as ground baiting) or behave in any manner detrimental to the fishery or other anglers.

Any person found fishing outside the permitted hours, taking more fish than the current permit allows, or taking fish by illegal methods, will face exclusion without compensation and be prosecuted.

Open season is from 1st March to 31st October during daylight hours only. Any special additional days will be announced.

The management and officials of Eight Acre Lake reserve the right to examine any equipment, bag, clothing or vehicle of anyone visiting the fishery.

The management reserve the right to expel or refuse admission to any person as and when they deem it necessary.

The use of Ultrabite or any other bite attracting substance is strictly forbidden. Any angler found using a substance or with a substance on their person will be excluded without compensation.

Anyone failing to comply with the rules will be asked to leave the fishery immediately.

Annual renewal will be offered to existing members. Non payment by the due date will be deemed as resignation. Subscriptions and fees are non-refundable.

The management of Eight Acre Lake devised these rules to try to ensure that all users of the lake are able to enjoy the facilities.

Revised 07/11/2011