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COVID-19 does not come with a manual. Everyone has an opinion from total isolation to “it is a lot of fuss over nothing”.

What is clear to me is that Scuba Dream, Eight Acre Lake and its staff have a duty of care to our customers, students and each other. With that in mind the following protocol, which may still evolve, will be used at the Lake.

Around the site outdoors

Anyone having a temperature or feeling unwell within the last 14 days must not be onsite!

Sanitise hands prior to entering the site.

The guidelines are that a minimum 2 meters distance be maintained. However, this does not take into account the distance droplets can be carried downwind. It does not take into account that friends and acquaintances are comfortable inside one another’s personal space and get distracted by what they are doing. The two meters goes out of the window. Remember if a tall person cannot lay down between you, you are not two meters apart!

In common with all outdoor facilities the changing rooms are currently unavailable.

Kit hire is also currently unavailable with the exception of cylinders. Air fills are available.

Because of this Eight Acre Lake will remain a two meters distancing site.

In Water

Swimming –

 Try to maintain two meters distancing. Consider the direction of the wind.

Diving –

Buddy checks and briefings … maintain minimum two meters distancing with face covering. Masks and snorkel/regulator count but consider the exhaust from snorkel/regulator and windage. Avoid touching your buddy’s kit but if necessary to do so, sanitise hands before and after. Alternate regulator checks should be by short purge. Avoid placing the mouthpiece in anyone’s mouth or sanitise after.
Entering the water and at the surface … minimum two meters distance. Consider exhaust and windage. A greater distance may be needed. Avoid touching each other unless to render assistance.
Underwater ... it is considered that there is minimal or no risk of virus transfer.
Rescue – Victims should be removed from the water as quickly as possible. Then if necessary, CPR and rescue breaths using bag and mask should be administered as normal. Face shields should be worn if at all possible.

Thank you for your continued support.