Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the British Virgin Islands

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Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the British Virgin Islands

(Pisces Diving and Snorkeling Guides)


ISBN 1-55992-050-5

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This guide describes some of the best diving and snorkelling sites in the Virgin Islands, such as Blonde Rock, the Caves, Painted Walls, the Chimney and the wrecks of RMS Rhone and Chikuzen. The information on each site includes: depth and visibility; required expertise; and bottom terrain.


Customer Reviews:
***** 2000-07-09
An essential guide to BVI diving and snorkeling  By: Christina K. Kelly

This book picks out the twenty-one best diving sites in the British Virgin Islands and gives a page or two of descriptive text about each. Each dive site has one or more pictures to show the reader what to expect. Each dive site also has some general descriptions such as the typical depth, the current condidtions, how to access the site, and what expertise is required. There is a map on which all of the sites are located. There is a rating system the book uses to inform the diver whether a place is suitable for a beginner or an expert. The book also serves as a general guide to the BVI, including history, food, culture, lodging, and tourist information. The book includes some helpful tips on diving in the BVI and warns about the dangers underwater.


***** 2000-03-29
Very comprehensive  By: j. conley

Our group used this guide in doing dives from our yacht in the BVI. I found it to be comprehensive enough to help us to find the dive sites fairly well without asking too many questions of the locals. There were only one or two sites which we wanted to dive which we didn't find.

I liked the ratings of the dives from beginner to expert but I think adding a 'star' rating would help people to determine what particular dive to choose when there are many choices. Also helpful would be to include a map of the dive site (some other dive books do this) which would help in planning the dive. These are the only reasons I didn't give this book a 5 star rating.

This book was also valuable in explaining potential problems with dives such as currents or choppy seas. It also provided the maximum and minimum depths and these were pretty much on target. The book was definitely a valuable asset on our trip.