Book of Fishes

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Skin Diver Magazine's Book of Fishes

Second Edition

From the Publisher

Whether you are a curious skin diver, an underwater photographer, an armchair naturalist,or a budding ichthyologist, you will be delighted and intrigued by this new edition of the Book of Fishes.

One of the most popular features of Skin Diver magazine has been its beautifully illustrated and highly informative "Fish of the Month" column. Now the best photographs from this exciting series have been brought under one cover, with new and revised text by the author of the original column, Hillary Hauser.

Here you will find descriptions and exceptional photographs of all the fish most frequently seen by divers and snorkelers around the world - the sex-changing Stoplight Parrotfish; the shy and nocturnal Squirrelfish; the magnificent French, Gray, and Queen Angelfishes; the extraordinary Moorish Idol; the stinging Scorpionfishes; the elegantly camourflaged Foureye Butterflyfish; the strangely shaped Spotted Trunkfish; the groteque Decorated Warbonnet; the tiny Fairy Basslet; the ballooning Spiny Puffer, and many more.

These fascinating marine creatures have all been photographed by the best the underwater photographers in the world. including Howard Hall, Paul Humann, Chris Newbert, Carl Roessler, Paul Tzimoulis and others. New to this edition are essays by seven of these photographers, putting into words the excitement and thrill of capturing thes beautiful fish on film.


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Title     Book of Fishes

Authors and contributors By (author) Hillary Hauser

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Number of pages: 192

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